What you really need on a hitchhiking trip!

I once hitchhiked with all my luggage and a sandwich in my hand to a place that was 5 kilometers away… and I was very proud of myself. It was a good day, I caught my ferry, which was essential in order to catch the bus, which I had spent 200€ on. Of course I had forgotten something behind, all the food I had with me, some towels and my swimming shorts. Although I’ve been looking around for my stuff for an hour and a half I still managed to forget these things. My solution for the problem is: Never take more than bag with you. 

In any case the only two things that you really need on a trip is

1. your bold behavior to try out everything that is around you and reachable and 

2. your active approach towards total strangers, since these are the guys you’ll have the best days with in the end and who’ll provide you with the best stories!

….oh and cookies of course.