The trip for no money…

One wise man told me once: When you believe that things will work out fine, no matter the status quo and you have absolutely no doubts… then things will work out fine!


What’s this all about? I’m going on a trip from Vienna to Lisbon, spending no money on accommodation or transportation and with the vaguest plan – or pretty much no plan whatsoever – and a very small bag! – Sometimes you just need a new pair of socks.

Why? I don’t have the money, but still I really would like to visit Spain, eat Tapas and discover the most western part of Europe. Hitchhiking is something, that people are very suspicious of, although those who are, just haven’t tried it out. This blog will prove the difference and show you that it’s worth it.

I’m starting on the 1st of August, having 4 weeks to go all the way to Portugal and back. Until then I wish everyone here a good start into the summer!









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